Power of Interconnectivity

«It’s about trying to frame something. And draw attention to it and say, „Here’s the beauty in this. I’m going to put a frame around it, and I think this is beautiful.“ That’s what artists do. It’s really a pointing activity.» — Chris Burden

As a group of artists, we acknowledge that a gallery is nothing more than just a room with walls, outlets and switches. We make them the subject of our show through interrogating, investigating, and reformulating the environment. Our work is deeply rooted in history of art itself.

Like August Sander, I am documenting inhabitants of gallery space that are often creating disturbance for the audience and artists. At the same time, I cannot live without them. I am not accusing society of being racists towards miniature workers of the electric power industry. I am trying to bring a spotlight back onto them and create an indexed physiognomy of a space for future generations, who would live in time of wireless power transfer without visible indicators of the signal. In our time, the space without those indicators and signifiers would be completely non-functional and uninhabited.