Octomatron of Sleepwalking

If the earth and the universe are testimonies to the power of creation of nature, the cities are proof that humans are creators in their capacity. Yet the bigger the cities, the lonelier their inventors are in their creations. You walk around the city, strolling through its streets, counting the floors in buildings and windows on the floors, and you lose count. You see a sea of people around, and yet they do not see you.

The Octomatron of Sleeping, a collection of seventy-three photographs, exemplifies urban solitude. The project was undertaken over a year in California, Utah, New York, and Arizona. The images were captured with a film camera that has eight separate lenses and an aperture system that sequentially exposes one 35mm frame. This is why each photograph in this collection is an amalgamation of eight exposures. That also allows me to freeze in time various facets of a moment and create a dream-like sequence.

This artwork is also available for more intimate viewing in a form of a handmade album which is 5.5″ x 7.5″ in size.